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About Smooth

About Smooth When other skincare product brands are born for market, Smooth is born from a romantic love story.

 On one night in 2001, Dr Darkson was working in his workplace and he had not go home for near three months already. At that night, he received a call from his daughter who was sobbing, telling him “Mom is injured and is sent to hospital now. Come back as soon as possible”. Dr Darkson rushed to the hospital and saw his wife lying there with gauze on her. Doctor told him that his wife tried to protect their kids from the fire, causing her face and neck was slightly burned. Dr Darkson felt very guilty and sorry about that.

After several months of treatment, Mrs Darkson cured the wounds on her face and neck, but her skin still could not go back to a healthy and smooth status like it used to be. Her sensitive and rough skin bothered her seriously.

Even she tried some famous and expensive brands which claimed that their products were mild and repairing in nature, none could help with her skin problem. Dr Darkson did not want to see his beloved wife being depressed and annoyed because of skin problem. In order to bring back his confident and optimistic wife, Dr Darkson was determined that he would like to develop skincare product which could truly repair sensitive skin, bringing his wife out of sorrow. He promised his wife “I am not doing this for money or name or responsibility but you. That’s why I must succeed”.

Since then, Dr Darkson went back to his workplace and gave up all other projects in spite of his colleagues’ dissuading. He devoted himself in developing skin repairing product. His colleagues were deeply moved by his love and perseverance and joined his project voluntarily. After eight years, Dr Darkson’s promise came true. He successfully extracted a natural substance which could repair skin effectively. Using that substance as the main ingredient, he developed a repair facial mask. The crew improved it to make its nature mild enough to suit any type of sensitive skin.

On 2010 Christmas, Mrs Darkson received this secret gift, the medical preparing mask, from her husband. This product solved her skin problem which annoyed her for years after the accident. Dr Darkson said he regretted that he was too devoted in his projects and work that he omitted his responsibility to take good care of his family. One of his friend was deeply touched by his story. With support from his friend and crew, they established the brand Smooth in 2005 in Sydney, Australia. With the medical repairing mask as their featured product, Dr Darkson would like to help more people to solve their skin problem, bringing their healthy and smooth skin back. Meanwhile, the brand’s philosophy binds together safety and naturalness.

Dr Darkson once said:

“Smooth enters the market not for business or interest, but to extend love which comes late”.